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Renovating with Ash Hall @reno_rookies_

When people visit our house, the first words they often say are, “OMG you’ve done so much! You guys should go on The Block”, usually followed by, “I’m serious!”. The idea of fame, fortune and a renovation that someone else is paying for sounds very tempting for about 10 seconds before I snap back to reality and remember that if I were on the show, I would probably hurl a paintbrush at Foreman Keith’s head within the first episode.

That being said, I’m pretty proud of the renovation work we’ve done, particularly without a team of professional architects and interior designers behind the scenes to guide us, and I often share our little wins on an Instagram page called @reno_rookies_. I am Ash and I do the dreaming, organising and crying, and my partner Matt does the heavy lifting.

Together we have renovated four of our own houses, and helped countless friends renovate theirs as well. We’ve learnt many lessons along the way, like where to spend your money, how to maintain your sanity (if you ever had it to begin with) and most importantly, how to achieve a result that you’re proud of. We’re still learning as we go, but across three blog posts I’ll share what we’ve learnt so far.


Step 1. Instagram the crap out of your renovation! Take your time doing this and know exactly what you want before you start. Even if you aren’t planning to renovate the rest of it for a few years, you still need to plan the entire house before you start. Collaging different inspo pics together is a good way to start.