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Reno DIY with Ash Hall of @reno_rookies_

Hi there, it’s Ash and Matt, the @reno_rookies_ here again.


This month’s pearl of wisdom (cherish it, I don’t have many) is to give it a go. There is a lot to be done in a renovation and whilst it can be daunting, much of it can also be DIY’d. There is legitimately a YouTube video for everything these days, so whilst it might seem like you could potentially die, you probably won’t.

Let’s talk tiling. Tiles themselves are cheap. The tiler who lays them – not so cheap. Tiling isn’t dangerous, doesn’t require any special equipment (except for a tile cutter which you can buy for about 20 bucks from Bunnings), and can easily be fixed if you mess it up, so why not give it a go. I’m not saying it’s easy, if you’re not a pro you definitely need to take your time - re-measure and use your level after almost every tile. Keep taking a step back to monitor the overall quality of your work – but you will save yourself A LOT of money and you’ll feel a much bigger sense of achievement once it’s finished.