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Save or Splurge with Ash Hall @reno_rookies_

Hello fellow renovators! Matt and Ash from @reno_rookies_ here again.   Our third major tip is a fun one; splurge on the good stuff.   There are some things you can’t skimp on and unfortunately they cost a fortune, but they’re worth it. The driveway is the first thing you see as you approach the house, and if its damaged or dated it instantly drags down the façade and undermines all the other hard work you’ve already done. Replace it with something luxe like... Read More

Reno DIY with Ash Hall of @reno_rookies_

Hi there, it’s Ash and Matt, the @reno_rookies_ here again.   This month’s pearl of wisdom (cherish it, I don’t have many) is to give it a go. There is a lot to be done in a renovation and whilst it can be daunting, much of it can also be DIY’d. There is legitimately a YouTube video for everything these days, so whilst it might seem like you could potentially die, you probably won’t. Let’s talk tiling. Tiles themselves are cheap. The tiler who lays... Read More

Renovating with Ash Hall @reno_rookies_

When people visit our house, the first words they often say are, “OMG you’ve done so much! You guys should go on The Block”, usually followed by, “I’m serious!”. The idea of fame, fortune and a renovation that someone else is paying for sounds very tempting for about 10 seconds before I snap back to reality and remember that if I were on the show, I would probably hurl a paintbrush at Foreman Keith’s head within the first episode. That being said... Read More

Thinking about Selling?

Thinking about Selling? If you are thinking of selling, we have simplified the steps of selling your home below. Remember, there is always someone to talk you through the jargon and legal requirements. No question is ever a silly one. One Agency Country to Coast are here to facilitate your real estate experience.   Be Organised After making the decision to sell, spend some time de-cluttering, tidying up the garden and get your property as close to “open home ready” as... Read More